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Our address: St. Petersburg, Murmanskoe highway 2B, building base "Murmanka"
St. Petersburg, Murmanskoe highway 2B, building base "Murmanka"
9:00 - 20:00

Delivery Information

We deliver orders all over Russia.

The delivery time depends on the availability of goods in stock. If at the time of ordering all the selected items are available, we will deliver your order within 1 day - 2 weeks, depending on the remoteness of your region. If the ordered product is out of stock, the maximum delivery time may take 8 weeks. But we try to deliver orders to customers as quickly as possible, and 90% of customer orders are shipped within the first 3 days. In the event that some items from your order are out of stock after 2 weeks, we will ship all items in stock and then send you the rest of your order at our expense.

Payment methods:

  1. Online payment by card
  2. Payment in terminal
  3. Cashless payment

Online store is a site with an Internet address. Goods - products, presented for sale in the online store.

Customer - the physical or legal person, who has placed the Order. Order - the Client's duly issued request for the purchase of Goods.

Transport company - a third party, rendering services of delivery of Goods to the Customer:


1. general provisions

1.       This Agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the online store represented by the site manager at the time of order placement.

2.       When placing an order the Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions stipulated by this Agreement. Acceptance of this Agreement by the Buyer is the placement of an order through the site of the online store.

3.       Any individual or legal entity capable of accepting and paying for the goods can make a purchase at the online store.

4.       The Seller reserves the right to make changes in the present Terms and Conditions, in this connection, the Customer undertakes to follow the changes in the Terms and Conditions regularly.

2. Ordering

1.       To place an Order, the Client's actual contact details must be provided in the online store.

2.       The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Customer when placing the order.

3.       The Customer's order can be placed in the online store.

4.       After placing the Order, the Customer is provided with information about the expected date of transfer of the Goods to the Customer.

5.       If the Customer has placed an Order for the Goods in the quantity exceeding the quantity available with the Seller, the Seller informs the Customer by sending a message by e-mail or by phone, indicated by the Customer during registration, about when the lacking quantity of Goods will be available. The Customer has the right to agree to accept the Goods in the quantity available with the Seller, or to cancel this item of Goods from the Order. If the Customer does not reply within 3 days after notification, the Seller reserves the right to annul the given Goods from the Order.

6.       The Goods are presented in the catalog through photo-samples and text description, which are the property of the Internet-shop.

7.       Presented photo-samples contain one or more types of goods of a certain title and text information: description, characteristics, dimensions, cost per unit, have information about the basic consumer properties of goods

8.       Some Goods can be different from those shown on the photo, namely the shade, the drawing on the body of equipment, the color of the body, etc. If the Customer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, the Customer should contact the Seller before placing the Order.

9.       Not later than the 1st day after the prepayment, in case of cancellation of the prepaid Order, the sum of the prepayment is fully refunded by the Seller to the Customer in the way agreed by the parties, later than the 1st day - the Customer has to buy back the Order.